I Like Pretty Things

Hey y’all! Hope your staying cozy and warm on this January morning. As I kick-off this new adventure I thought I would pass on some thoughts and a little more explanation of what I’m up to.
With the one and only head creator on my mind this morning I am in awe of His creation and beauty! The beautiful sunsets above the ocean blue and the intricate details of a red bird, from the flowers to the clouds in the sky. In a child’s sweet smile and laughter. Do you see Him in pretty things? I sure do! I know He has given me a love for bold and beautiful things and intricate things and things with a story. I thank Him for the pretty things, for using those things to help me make lasting memories for my family and others. That’s why I am so excited about helping people create events that will be impacting and extraordinary.
I don’t mind Styrofoam, Dixie cups and plastic plates for “Reeves table of eight and on the go” but for a special party, a milestone, the making of a memory that will last a lifetime. Come on! 
It’s time to step away from the quick paper goods and save those landfills!
I am completely in love with all things Vintage! From depression glass goblets in golden amber, landscape green, and cotton candy pink. Old china patterns with all the unique hand painted floral designs. Just thinking about that bride picking out her china pattern. Oh, so sweet!
Old trunks that have been around the world on steamer ships filled with memories.
Mismatched wooden chairs from old dining rooms that held weekly family lunches every Sunday. And VELVET!! Kerry knows to stop the car if I spot velvet…old velvet sofa’s are my fav… like the ones placed in parlors and holding rooms in antebellum estates. Man, the stories they could tell.
Our house was built in 1939-40. It was made with real materials. Big wooden beams, hand carved crown moldings, and solid wooden doors. I like the little details that make our house unique, like the feel of solid brass doorknobs and bedroom locks with individual skeleton keys. I like things that were made before everything became disposable. I enjoy the craftsmanship of each piece that holds it all together.
My love for all things vintage and glam spills over into my desire to create events that are also not disposable in memory. I want Vintage South events to last. To impact you and your family and friends in a way like never before. To use things with a story that adds a beautiful warmth and a sweet reminder of your Grandmother’s house. A treasured and appreciated style that needs to be remembered and shared to add to your story.
A 50th anniversary is too important to settle for land fill decor. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive but it needs to be special. It needs to have meaning. Our modern day obsession with everything quick and easy like microwave popcorn and instant oatmeal needs to be put aside for special occasions and a step taken back in time to a simpler more meaningful place. Where family gatherings were not dominated by cell phone videos and selfies. A time when anniversaries, weddings or milestone birthday parties are cherished times of gathering and connecting. Memories can still be made around old wooden tables with beautiful details at each place setting. 
That’s my vision for Vintage South. Not just staging and decorating pretty things…although I do love that…but truly creating events like they were meant to be: beautiful, meaningful, and unforgettable, an event that would create a new story for you and your family and friends! I hope today you will take the time to enjoy some of our creators pretty things! You know, He is the supreme and ultimate designer of it all! 


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