What is a Signature Wedding?

In our rushed world of Amazon Prime and drive thru Starbucks it’s hard to find time to enjoy the simple things that surround us. As life whizzes by at light speed the world begin to gray and everything begins to look the same. I-phone videos and Netflix binges go from being a distraction to being the central events of our days. The miracle is that in the midst of all of the cookie cutter chaos, extraordinary things still happen all around us. One of the most extraordinary of all is when two distracted souls collide and love happens. That love blossoms into a desire for lifelong experiences and they decide to get married.

Now that part is nothing new. Men and women have been marrying for eons and will until there are no more soul collisions. The thing that has changed in our generation is the process of getting hitched. The wedding ceremony has evolved through cultures and generations with each having it’s own traditions and customs. Today, brides and grooms desire more than a mundane ceremony or a stoic affair to mark the most important decision of their lives. They want something extraordinary. They want something epic. They want a viral worthy celebration that shows the world who they are as a couple. They want a Signature Wedding.

A Signature Wedding is a multifaceted story-line string of events that launch the new couple into their lifelong adventure of marital bliss. The entire process from proposal to engagement to invitations to picking of the vendors to the venue to the ceremony to the honeymoon to the thank you notes, all tells the couple’s story of who they are and where they hope to go together in life. Weddings are no longer just about picking colors and a dress. Through social media and technology the entire process is able to take on a sense of the couple’s newly burgeoning identity and joyfully express that to the world.

It may be traditional or it may be cowboy rustic. Maybe it shows a favorite color or a pop culture obsession. From classic white to a little bohemian twist. It all depends on the happy couple. It’s their identity that shines through and makes the process special for everyone involved. The details are thoughtfully arranged from tablescapes to ceremony seating, nothing is insignificant. Fine china, grandmother’s flatware, wooden church pews, or peonies picked from the father of the bride’s garden can all add to the personality that the signature wedding takes on.

Admittedly, the thought of planning and preparing all of the details of a modern signature wedding can be somewhat daunting. The good thing is that as the expectations of weddings has evolved, so has the industry. The bride and her mother are no longer expected to figure all of these things out. There are wedding planners, wedding stylists, wedding coordinators, and every type of wedding vendor you can imagine there to help the anxious couple navigate these unfamiliar waters.

So if you or someone you know are interested in finding out more about how to plan a signature wedding, give us a call at Vintage South and Joy will be happy to show you where to start. As a certified wedding planning and designer she loves turning the fear and anxiety of “couples to be” into excitement and anticipation of experiencing their very own Signature Wedding.

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