Vintage Collection

Introducing the Ila Bright Collection of vintage goods and specialty items. For nearly 20 years, Joy and Kerry have discovered and collected pieces that are representative of their eclectic personalities. Now Vintage South is offering their collection to others. 

Kerry and Joy sourced their collection from various locations.  Some pieces are from the deep south and others are from their former home in the Caribbean. Vintage south offers Vintage pieces from by-gone eras and re-purposed creations that have been given a new life. Vintage South hand-picked each item for their history and charm. 

The collection is a vast assortment of history and character. It contains dozens of vintage sofas to hundreds of hand selected antique china pieces.  Large items that make a statement are combined with small details that set the tone of the event. Brass candlesticks, hand crafted backdrops, shiplap walls, vintage mantles, trunks, wooden chairs, and upholstered pieces are all individually chosen for their ability to create a mood. With vintage rentals it is not about the pieces themselves as much as it is the feeling they create when properly displayed. A skilled event designer can take the most mundane of items and transport you to another time and place. From a 1950’s diner to a 1920’s speakeasy vintage rental items create an atmosphere that allows your event to transcend time. Let Ila Bright help you create a timeless event using their collection of timeless vintage and specialty items.

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